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Recall Election Travesty

            When the majority of a state is unhappy with their governor, the citizens can issue a recall election. In the past, only a few people would run for governor in a recall election. It has become so easy for someone to run in a recall election that currently in California, there are over one hundred candidates running for that state's governor position. The California election is turning into just a big joke and something ought to be done for future recalls. Recall elections for governors should have a limit on the maximum number of candidates that can run for office.
             The factor of surplus candidates creates a great deal of confusion plus each candidate is less represented. As more and more people are accepted to run, the population of the state has a difficult time keeping up with who is actually running and thus cannot keep a hold on who they should vote for. The media increases the confusion with stories about certain candidates, which may be true, but gets the attention about the person's personal life and off their position. While the number of possible contenders is increased, each person takes attention from all of the other competitors and is not able to express their opinion as well as they ought to be able to.
             Another trouble of excessive candidates is that they turn the electoral system into an absolute joke. When almost anyone can run for the Governor's office in the certain state, not all of the people campaigning really want to be governor. A goal of a majority of the candidates is just to receive attention and use the race as advertisement. This attention grabbing ambition deters from the foundations of our country and demonstrates the deterioration of our national State.
             Finally, the extreme quantity of participants in a recall election can lead to voters" thoughts to depart from the issues and become stuck in all of the hype. The issues should be the main objectives on a voter's mind, yet their thoughts are pulled away by celebrity gossip, the multitude of people running, and people telling them how they ought to vote.

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