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California Recall

            Californians are truly fed-up with state budget deficit, unemployment, and struggling schools. Voters in California were furious with Gary Davis who was unable to fix the problems and decided to recall their governor. This does not mean you get anyone from the streets to be governor. Some would think political men and women should be candidates not watermelon jugglers, sumo wrestlers, porn and movie stars. But voters turned to, movie star, Arnold Schwarzengger with optimism. Will Californians regret what happened, a movie star as their governor?.
             Davis did not help California with the debt problems. He seemed to try many things but they did not work. Davis borrowed billions of dollars and tripled car taxes. The worst thing is he raised college fees and closed health clinics. Making schools more expensive is not helping, but hurting California. A number of parents struggle enough with college tuition and fees. Parents simply just want to send their sons or daughters to get an education. When the fees get jacked up for college, then it will reduce how many high school graduates go to college in California. Also, shutting down health clinics is a huge mistake. Health clinics are for the public when they need medicine, shots to prevent diseases, first aid, or other treatment. Health is a very important factor. If California closed off these health clinics, then good health will not be available to the public.
             The Californians were disgusted with Gary Davis. They choose to do something that has only happened once in the nation, a recall. .
             This summer the public began signing petitions outside grocery stores and many other places. The public gathered 1.3 million signatures to ditch Davis. The people of California just desired to do what was right for their state. The recall election showed that the voters were clearly angry with Davis. It was ridiculous, all that time Davis was in office, and he still could not help the state.

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