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            Many have argued that the recall of Governor Gray Davis not only takes time and energy from finding solutions to extremely pressing problems; but that with the recalls associated expenses further weaken an already crippled economy.
             Voters are asked to first vote on whether Davis should be removed from office and then to choose someone to succeed him if he is in fact removed. The issue here has not been a lack of candidates vying for the job; rather it has been the excessive amount of candidates tossing their collective hats into the ring. In a state already riddled with trouble both political and economic voters seem to be embracing the distraction this recall has offered. .
             California's economic problems, ranging from the states extreme deficit to the energy crisis of 2000-01 have provided the material needed to sweep many of the states voters into the lynch mob mentality needed to recall a sitting Governor. Many have accused Governor Gray Davis of misleading Californians as to the size of the states deficit and economic problems; and so the recall process was begun.
             The problems created by the recall seem pretty self evident. First, with an already struggling economy California does not have the funds necessary to support the voting process enlisted through this recall. Second, in an already politically divided state like California efforts to unite the parties and repair the "cracks, holes, and craters" in the states economic and political structure should be the focus; not new and divisive issues which will only prolong the states period of recovery like the recall.
             Many colorful candidates have declared their candidacy, and in fact may be able to do the office of Governor a bit more justice than Gray Davis. However, the process being utilized by these new candidates and Gray Davis himself seem to be aimed at causing more harm in both the short and long term than changing the path toward economic and political failure on which California is currently traveling.

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