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            Government activity in the marketplace has ripple effects in our economy. Various federal, state and local government programs help to raise people's standards of living, their level of economic well being, however the question is how much government is enough? In California the recall is the current most widely stated subject of interest that could affect our economy, possibly even causing the United State Supreme Court to step in. .
             The recall being delayed till March 2003 could cause an economic impact, particularly to the middle class taxpayers. The postponement of the recall would cause the party who originally requested for the recall to ask for an appeal in court. By appealing to court, supreme judges will be paid to hear case. The cost would be even more now since the government had wanted an increase in the judge panel of three to eleven. These costs being paid will most likely come from the pockets of the yearly civilian taxpayers of California. In addition if the election delays, the majority of the ballots recently mailed will not be counted, new ballots will have to be reissue for the March election. A spokesman of California's 58 voter registrars estimated the figure at more than $30 million. That is mostly the cost of printing and postage. The state and counties estimated earlier that total cost for the election would reach nearly $67 million. Where would the government receive all this money we may question, the answer is probably the tax money we pay annually and other services offered by the government, taking little pieces of each to add up to the debt amount of this recall being postpone for another six months. Finally the six month issue, standing still for this long period of time could cost the government to avoid establishing new or and big decisions. These people will probably stay idle until they have an idea of who the new governor or new process may be. During this time nothing will move, costing us precious time, and money, for done is being done for the benefits of the civilians.

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