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            The recall of California's governor is finally coming to a close. After months of contravrsey, the voters of California have finally stated their opinion. And, their opinion shows that it is clearly time for a change. Californians have been very disapppionted with former Governor Davis' performance in office. Many of the issue that helped him get elected have go the other way, incliuding great tax increases. Movie star, Arnold Schwarzengger, will take his first swing out politics and step to the plate as California's new governor. Arnold Schwarzengger won the election by a lot more than most people expected. With ninety-seven percent of the votes counted, Schwarzenegger had received around forty-seven percent while the next closest official running, Lt. Governor Cruz M. Bustamante had received only 32 percent of the votes. So, a fifteen percent victory for the movie star was much more than people expect. Schwarzenegger promised las night to serve the state of California to the best of his abilities. He went on to say that he will not let them down and that he is the man for the job. More than half the voters said tat they supported Arnold even though his plan wasn't specific enough with regards to changing the state's problems. Schwarzenegger, meanwhile has time to prepare to face this issues, he won't take office until middle November. This finally put to rest all the craziness that was known as the California recall. Finally, there will not be 135 candiadates and easy ways to elect them. Davis is out and Schwarzenegger lights his touch as govenor. .

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