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Where is the Love?

            All it took was a rainy night and a lack of attention to fence the atmosphere in the Americans couple's room. Did the American wife actually want a cat or was she really just longing for affection? Apparently, the gloomy weather was enough to put a damper on their trip; but there is more to the unbroken distance in their hotel room. Every couple hates their relationship to lose the excitement. The American wife was looking out of the window, clear signs of boredom. On the other hand, her husband is completely occupied by a book and even when she attempts to strike a conversation he gains no interest. The American wife, (as referred to in the story "A Cat in the Rain," by Ernest Hemingway) was desperate for affection and attention, because she was deprived of those things from her husband.
             Gazing from the window of a beautiful tourist site is not the way to spend time stopping in foreign hotel, but under the weather conditions the couple is trapped in their hotel room. The American wife gazed out of the window in deep thoughts; she is longing for excitement in her life. Her marriage has lost its spark, she does not have any children, but she is really wondering what does she have. George, her husband (whose name was mentioned throughout the story) is more content with life; he is relaxed and reading his novel. The only time his wife gets his full attention is when the story points out "he rests his eyes from his book." When he offered to fetch the cat for his wife, he did not attempt to move. He even had the audacity to say, "Don't get wet!" in spite of the rainy weather. Was George being sarcastic? She considers changing her hair or maybe new clothes could make him more attracted to her, but when she weighs the options she knows George is stubborn and stuck in his ways so she would really just settle for the cat. The American wife quotes, "If I can't have long hair or any fun I want a cat.

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