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Year Around Schooling

            Mike thinks that we need all year schooling. There is no way in hell we want that to happen because students and teachers can't handle, or want an extensive year.
             The new curriculum now has students going nuts, so why would they be expected to hold up with school all year? The year already lasts 10 months and not only is that a long time, but we need those extra 2 months to relax, vacation, and recuperate. Who wants to sit in a classroom teaching or getting knowledge bashed into your head during +30 degree temperatures? Not me. .
             Summer is OUR time. We need the time and I would have emotional distress going the whole year. Other students are with me when I say this. I guess people going crazy is what Mike wants. I want to know one thing, Mike, what in Gods name are you THINKING?.
             As I have been saying, the summer heat is outrageous. The one thing that would hit me hard is that fact that I would know I would have been with my friends skateboarding and enjoying the heat. Now, all the memories are gone, and we would have dull and boring lives.
             Teachers are the other problem of this. I don't blame them either. They don't get paid enough right now and have terrible hours, so why in Gods name would be happy working during the summer? The teachers would go on strike and that would kick off the annual "work to rule" or walk the picket lines.
             The difference in school life would be horrid. We are so used to the normal style, that it would be so weird. How would we know when the year ended anyway? The up side to this would be having the information in our heads and we wouldn't forget it as easy as we do.
             The upside of having all year schooling is that we will have grown up with smarter minds after adapting to the changes. But, physiotherapists have proven that high stress levels cause tumors and cancer, and not to mention heart attacks, so we will get fatigued bodies by the time we are 50.

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