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Art Appreciation

             This paint is painted in oil on canvas. We can see in this painting that Antonov tried to portray a sense of respect for food. The interplay of the wallpaper design and the fabric of the tablecloth with the objects on the table forms of the main motif of the picture. The style is very classical and it reminds me of a banquet that a King just enjoyed. The position of the food and the way that they are centered gives them lot of importance.
             Carlos Sanchez.
             This image shown by Carlos Sanchez portrays how food is related to religion. The message that food is what makes the people grow and just the fact that a nun is looking through the cans of food makes me think that she means to feed a community of people that need it. There are a lot of starving people in this world and this lady is trying to save the world.
             Henri Matisse. Dinner Table. 1897. Oil on canvas.
             This image is an oil on canvas and it is by Henri Matisse. This image impacted me because I could notice a sincere look at the lady's face when she is fixing the table for dinner. I noticed all the fruits as decoration. The food in this image symbolizes tradition. The tradition is to put the table every day and enjoying dinner. It is as if I could feel the love that the lady fixes the table with.
             The Altar of Zeus from Pergamon.
             The whole of Greek art was bound to undergo a change in the Hellenistic period. This change can be noticed in some of the most famous sculptures of that age. One of them is the altar of Zeus from the city of Pergamon which was erected around 160 BC. The group on it represents the struggle between the gods and the Giants. It is a magnificent work, but we look in vain for the harmony and refinement of early Greek sculpture. The artist was obviously aiming at strong dramatic effects. The battle rages with terrible violence. Everything is full of wild movement. To make the effect still more striking, the relief is no longer set flat on the wall but is composed of figures which, in their struggle, seem to spread out on to the steps of the altar as if they hardly troubled about where they belonged.

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