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Mind over matter

             You toss and turn trying to make yourself comfortable enough to sleep. You roll over and glance at the alarm clock it reads 3:30 a.m. That upsets you! That upsets you because your body will need rest for the upcoming events that you will undergo in a few short hours. Frustrated, with thirst and hunger pains drilling away at your sides you make a painful journey to the restroom. Every step is torture, your muscles are so exhausted they scream at you to turn around and go back to bed. You try your best to ignore these pains but that's no easy task.
             Alas you make it to the bathroom you fumble for the light switch. The light radiates the room and is painful to your tired eyes so you go to turn it off. You stop when you notice yourself in the mirror. Or the reflection that should be you in the mirror . But no that's not you. You don't look like that . You are somewhat frightened by your reflection in the mirror, but more confused then anything. You must be delirious from dehydration you tell your self. Water that's it that's what you need and things might start to make some sense. You glance down at the sink salvation lies within, the end to your thrust and the puzzling images that you have seen. Every cell in your body screams at you to take a drink. You want so bad to give in and have a little, but you don't, you know that you cant afford to drink right now. You are on a mission and you know that you will let nothing stop you. So instead you settle for a wet rag to place on your feverish forehead.
             Back in bed you find yourself to tired to sleep, to hungry to sleep and far to thirsty to sleep . So you lie there and think of the tedious .
             quite routine really, you will wake up at 5:30 put on a plastic running suit two pair of paints and a sweatshirt. Thus begins your three mile hike to school. No matter the conditions you run to school you run and you run until you think you are going to just fall over and die on the side of the road.

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