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Why do parents sometimes not want their children to grow up?

             Well, at least they are older than their children. For example, my parents are older than me. Actually, I believe that most people's parents are older than they are, perhaps with some exceptions in families from Tennessee. Anyways, even though it is really obvious that parents are not as young as they once were, they still try to fake it. These people have so much of an aging complex it actually makes them easier to spot. There, the 45-year-old looking man wearing a leather jacket and hopping into a sports car, he obviously has a child in the process of growing up. And he hates it!.
             My point simply is, the reason a parent does not want their children to grow up is because it utterly ruins their fazade of being young. How can a suave looking sunglasses wearing dude, with slicked back receding hair, driving his shiny new Jaguar, keep a 28 year old image while dropping his 15 year old daughter off at school? Would anybody really believe that they were dating? Nope. Basically, the older the children get, the older the parents get.
             That's not all. The punishments and the groundings for the common things that all kids do, like staying out past curfew, well that's just a feeble attempt to stunt their aging and growth. Because we all know that keeping a teen indoors is the best way to slow aging.
             Well, that's all there is to say about that. It's the most obvious conclusion that can be reached from the strange ways parents act as their children reach ascend through childhood, into puberty and push through their teenage years. But, us younger generation must grow up some time. I just wish our parents could accept that simple fact.

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