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            What is God like in the Bible from the creation to the fall? Is he this evil, mean, non-caring being that destroys all who oppose him, or is he a simple experimenter? There are several accounts in the book of Genesis that might help shed some light on this question. At the end of the seven days of the creation of the earth, He needed time to rest, almost like a scientist after putting a lot of work into something. God also informs Adam, God's first experiment, of the tree from which he cannot eat, if Adam eats from this tree he will be severely punished. Perhaps God's second experiment, Eve, let God down when she ate the apple. She then opened her eyes and learned of good and evil. The great flood can also been seen as a heartless thing to do to mankind, but perhaps God's experiment, mankind, wasn't able to make up for the evil that Eve had passed on and God needed to start over and try to fix his own mistakes in man.
             God sanctified the last day of the creation because that was his time rest from all the work he has done. This could be compared to a scientist or some other professional running an experiment. Once all the set up is done, you have to regroup your thoughts and prepare for the actual experiment. God's experiment in this case was Adam and Eve. What would happen when two independent individuals we let loose on the pure and newly formed earth? Adam and Eve eventually almost became God's "pets" or children. Many of the things God said to them are similar to things you would say to a dog or to a child. The children are to have dominion over the creatures and the land, but not abuse it. They are told of the tree with fruit, but they aren't allowed to eat from it. .
             The creation of Eve was the next step of the experiment. One man was working, but what if there is someone else with him. Once created, Eve was informed by the serpent, the symbol of evil that God created, about the tree and the fruit that she can't eat.

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