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             Euthanasia is a topic that provokes as much controversy as capital punishment, primarily because it is irreversible. The word euthanasia is a combination of the Greek prefix Eu, which means "good," and "thanatos," meaning "death." Every year two million people die in North America. Chronic illness, such as cancer or heart disease, accounts for two of every three deaths. It is estimated that approximately seventy percent of these people die after a decision is made to forgo life-sustaining treatment. The question now being asked is, should human beings have the right to seek their own death, and, if so, under what conditions and guidelines?.
             The choice of euthanasia is a special thing, and is a decision that belongs to individuals and their consequences. Current usage requires the distinction to be made between active and passive euthanasia. Active euthanasia is an intentional act that causes death, while passive euthanasia is an intentional act to avoid prolonging the dying process. Active euthanasia brings about a kind death through direct intervention. The act performed directly kills the patient. Passive euthanasia is the with holding or with drawing of life pro-longing technologies. With holding or with drawing such treatment means that the dying process continues naturally. The question in this sense is how do we know that they will make decisions in the best interest of the patient if they are unable to speak for themselves? Dr. G. B. Giertz, the President of the Swedish Society of the Surgery said, " We refrain from treatment because it does not serve any purpose, because it is not in the patient's interest. I cannot regard this as killing by medical means: death has already won, despite the fight we have put up, and we must accept the fact." "Death is often better than dying," mainly due to the way that the person will die. They may have to go through a long period of pain and suffering.

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