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Electronic sounscape

            Live electronic these days evolve around performing with a laptop computer: We see laptops only or laptops used in conjunction with extended instruments. This can be a classical instrument (strings, brass, voice) which sound gets modified in real-time with Digital Signal Processing Software (DSP) like Max/MSP . It also means to add sensors to the traditional instrument that can be used to control parameters of the DSP via MIDI . There are also artists who are still performing with hardware gadgets like analogue sequencers, samplers or synths, but that has become a retro-trend.
             Some of the live electronic is art based and/or has academic connection , but there is also a lively scene that develops outside the academic world. There are monthly lap top jams in the city of Brighton and London , lap top performances at festivals for modern music, like the Sonar festival in Barcelona or Mutek in Canada. .
             The Methodology used in this paper was the following: through personal experience and field research at concerts and events, through asking the internet and looking into libraries, through conversations with artists, musicians and people who are interested or working in this or related fields I gained a small insight in this section of the electronic Music World. As a result the paper aims to present an answer to what live electronic music performance actually is, can be or will be. To achieve this aim it will lead the reader through backgrounds of electronic music, then he gets an introduction to the actual devices that electronic musicians use for live performance. Finally this leads to ideas and thoughts concerning the present and the future of live electronic music performance and a conclusion.
             I. MUSICAL BACKGROUND: .
             a) Electro-Acoustic Music:.
             Basically the idea of electro-acoustic music can be applied to any music created, manipulated or reproduced through electric or electronic means.

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