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The Effects of Drug Use

            One in every thirteen deaths is drug related. Not only to you but the people around you. The effects of drug use not only cause harm to your safety, and health, but also to your life in general. .
             Drug use interferes with you ability to function properly. It interferes with the messages sent to your brain, which would normally keep you safe. Most accidents occur when under the influence of drugs. Eighty percent of patients in special units, like burn centers, have injuries involving drug use. Even small amounts of drug consumption make driving unsafe. Driving under the influence is not only unsafe, but also illegal. Almost half of all fatal car crashes are drug related. You are also more likely to disregard contraceptives, while having sex, if under the influence. Making you and your partner more transmissible to STDs. For the same reasons that drugs put people at greater risk for STDs, it also makes pregnancy a high risk factor. .
             When you see or talk to a person with a habitual drug problem he or she doesn't always look healthy. That's because drug usage affects your health in many ways. Different drugs have different short and long-term effects. For example, marijuana can cause rapid heart rate and short-term memory loss soon after use. Long-term effects include weakened immune system, and possible lung damage. With long-term use of cocaine someone might encounter such problems as tremors, seizures, and heart or respiratory failure. Some short-term effects with LSD include nausea and depression. .
             Not all effects will occur in everyone but most will. Including some like paranoia and psychosis.
             Addiction to drugs can have serious effects on one's life in relationships, school, and work. Drug use can put a strain on a relationship. Weather it be a friendship or marriage. People with a drug fixation often miss more workdays. They have more trouble reasoning with their bosses.

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