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             The highest value of a man.
             "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others (Dalai Lama)". The society, which we live in greatly praises and appreciates the selfless, the dependent and altruism. The novel "The Fountainhead" by Ryn Rend, nonetheless, advocates and acclaims an opposing belief to such ones that are rooted in society - Egoism, which permits oneself a complete independence from others. The writer preaches that altruism that is praised and respected by today's society is the greatest fraud of mankind. Her praise for egoism openly devastates the society's moral standard and conformity, however conveys an idea of the highest value of man - his own judgment of truth -, which not only reinforces to achieve creations, but manifests the possibility of achieving relationships that are based on purity, not based on superficial needs for survival and advantage. The writer's preaching of egoism must be preserved in order for people to recognize the highest value of man, which enables man to achieve greater good of mankind and to achieve purity in relationships in society .
             "the great creators- the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors- stood alone against the men of their time" (pg 678). Discoveries, such as a light bulb and an air plane or space craft that have been made for advancement of mankind can be considered the results of power of egoism, because creators, such as the protagonist Howard Roark, were not prompted by a desire to serve their brothers, but by their goals of their lives, their own works to achieve in their own way. A light bulb was considered foolish and an air plane was considered impossible. Creators did not consider what others thought; they wished to achieve those things and struggled and prevailed. They stepped down the new road that no one had had before with their own vision. When they achieved it, it served the earth.


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