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How would you describe love?

            Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world but it also can be described as very relative notion.This is because people's feelings are liable to changes.Love depends on people's ideas,interests and goals in life.
             When two people fall in love at first sight they can not discern their partner's flaws.This is the reason why people say that love is blind.When people in love get to know each other they find out the differences in their personalities.This is the time when they decide if their relationship can survive or not.If there is a very strong fondness for each other the couple tries to overcome all the obstacles.Then in this case love can prove to be lasting feeling and people who are committed to each other can be happy for a lifetime.
             This is not what usually happens with the young people especially.Their lack of experience and naivety often brings them a lot of disappointments.
             Real love suggests people to have respect and devotion for each other,to have common interests in life.
             Some people consider love as a game.They cheat on each other and deprive themselves of experiencing the most wonderful emotion in the world-the power of love.They don't understand it,they don't feel it.
             Love needs Care,Tenderness,Understanding,Passion.All these simple things in life that makes all the difference.This is the magic of love!!!.

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