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Sapho Compare/Contrast

            Love has always been an interesting subject that several people have touched on, probably, since the existence of mankind. Some of these people have preferred to regard love as pain and agony, for they could never reach the (or a) loved one. However, whatever the case is, love has always been of some trouble and misery. Two poems, which are from Ancient Greece, by Sappho and Theocritus, show how the feeling of love has tormented them. As stated, the situation may not be quite similar; yet, both express their suffer, which is the outcome of love, or affection for another. .
             The poem by Sappho certainly does encompass significant meanings and implications, which relate to the issue about love. First of all, it is interesting to see that what Sappho has said in her poem is still true for some of us. Of course, the most interesting point, and the point which is of most concern to us, is how Sappho has said what she has said. The poem directly begins with a personification of love, where the word "love" is written as "Love"(line 1). This implies that Sappho regards love as not as a mere feeling, but as a being. Moreover, Sappho gives Love an action; in other words, love is alive, on its own. Love, according to her, is ecstatic, as it "drives her on". She also describes love as the "loosener of limbs", which indicates that love, for Sappho, disables one from doing anything, because his/her limbs, or body parts, are loosened and inactive. The second, and ultimate, line of Sappho's poem gives further descriptions on love. Sappho approaches love as a bittersweet creature (line 2). Although, the word bittersweet creates a paradox, it is, probably, quite an appropriate definition of love. Do we not suffer, but also adore that suffering, when we love someone? After all, too much of love may bring some torment with it; perhaps, this is the most tricky part of love. Love, being bittersweet, is also portrayed as a creature.

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