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             An Encyclopedia Britannica article defined Utopia as "an ideal commonwealth whose inhabitants exist under seemingly perfect conditions- - these "perfect- conditions comprise of financial, political, humanitarian and ethical aspects. .
             Note that the word "seemingly- implying that in fact a utopia is not possible - by dictionary definition "it cannot exist and can only be inspired to-. Nevertheless, utopian thinking remains with us because it helps us give shape and substance to our hopes and desires for human progress. Indeed, it seems that the concept of utopia represents an irresistible way for people to cope with the miseries and misfortunes facing them. It can be applied to every personal and social issue in life. It can pertain to the highest levels involving societies (or nations) and the world as a whole. Or, it can relate to the dynamics of social groups and institutions within society. And, it can also deal with single human beings and their attempts to deal with their personal problems and, ultimately, survival.
             In 1996 the University of Dundee, Great Britain released a paper called "the utopia project- talking about everything needed to create a utopia and what life once utopia created would look like. There are just too many detailed ideas to look at but I will talk about a few in the following paragraphs. .
             One of the main advantages in a utopia is the there will be no wage labor. People do what they like to and what they are interested in. Everybody works but never earns his/her life. The product of their work does not belong to anybody, be it a single person or a social group. Rather, it is a part of the gross social product that should be distributed between all the members of society. People like work, but they can also enjoy doing nothing. They control themselves and do not allow excessive work in a single area; everybody tries to exercise many different activities, of entirely different kinds.

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