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            Many people debate about what the definition of a patriot is.
             The Webster's dictionary defines it as "love of country and willingness.
             to sacrifice for it." Some people mistake that as meaning to blindly.
             follow whatever the popular political opinion might be that week whether.
             it's raising taxes, going to war, or any other issue of the month. I.
             believe that being a patriot means to love your country, but also take.
             advantage of your liberties and point out when something might be wrong.
             Recently, our country has gone through a very tumultuous period.
             The War in Iraq, the faltering economy, and terrorism have made people.
             very tense about what direction our country is heading. In particular.
             the war in Iraq brought out many different opinions and many of them.
             were against the action our government took. These people were often.
             ridiculed by members of the right and talk radio as being un-patriotic.
             Somehow people speaking passionately against an issue became.
             "Un-American." .
             Whether its war, public school funding, or the economy people.
             speaking on an issue exemplifies what patriotism truly is. Our country.
             was founded by people who had a passion for a better idea and they.
             fought for the freedoms we enjoy to this very day. If we live in a.
             country where minority opinions are discouraged or even silenced, then.
             how can we truly be a democracy? .
             Whenever our country faces an issue that strikes up debate,.
             everybody in the country becomes better because of it. People become.
             more informed, become more active, and possibly decide to make a.
             difference. The war in Iraq sparked such a debate. People were on.
             television, print, and radio debating whether war was the right thing.
             for us to do. In the end, our government and the American people.
             decided that war was the best option. All of these people whether they.
             were for against the action were truly patriots. .
             Patriotism means something different to everybody. Some people.
             think it is putting a flag on their car or proudly jumping to defend any.

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