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George Washington

             George Washington, "the father of our country", was this nations first president, a war general and he revolutionized our government. Washington's war time services were many. During the French and Indian War, he traveled 500 miles to warn the French to leave and with his small band of militia, went to war with them and won even though they were out numbered. In 1755 he won the indication of bravery and skill in organization against the British troops which caused for there retreat. He soon became commander-in-chief over the continental army and devoted many more years to the fight for independence. Not only known for his war efforts but also for his contributions to preserve peace. Washington held back troops during wartime which controlled peace with the British and he was also for many righteous causes; he also helped and gave his opinion during the formation and was in favor of ratification of the new constitution. Unanimously elected for president in 1789, Washington formed the first cabinet with brilliant secretaries such as Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Knox, and Edmund Randolph. He appointed John Jay as this nations first Chief Justice, and facing more war proclaimed the Proclamation of Neutrality. A man who saw that another great war could end this nation he passed many treaties to France, Britain, and Spain. .
             Washington's farewell address gave the American people much hope for the future and laid the foundation on foreign policies in years to come. After his second term he retired to his Mount Vernon estate and in 1799 he died.
             Under the supervision of president Washington, Alexander Hamilton became the nations first Secretary of the Treasury. Under his time in office he solved the new nations many financial problems. The nation was in high debts to other nations and was in debt to its own states and citizens. .
             Hamilton's first order of business was to get rid of the nations foreign debts.

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