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The Great Gatsby

            The scene that had the biggest impact on me and the book was the scene in which Myrtle was killed. Gatsby and Tom got in to an argument, about who Daisy really loved. Tom, Nick and Jordan then got into Tom's car and Daisy got into Gatsby's car with Gatsby. Through other characters after the accident, we are able to piece together what happened. Apparently, Myrtle saw Gatsby's bright yellow car coming down the street and because Tom was driving it earlier, she assumed it would be him behind the wheel. To get Tom's attention she ran out into the middle of the street waving her arms to get the car to stop. But instead of Tom driving, it was Daisy, who was still shaken up over the Tom/Gatsby conflict. She didn't have enough time to react and swerve out of the way, thus she ended up running Myrtle over. This part had a big impact on me because of the irony behind it, but had a larger impact on the story because if Myrtle hadn't died, Gatsby wouldn't have been murdered and Tom and Daisy might not have stayed together.
             The irony is in the fact that both the people that Tom and Daisy were having an affair with were killed either directly or indirectly by the jealous spouse. Daisy killed her husband's mistress without even realizing it. She knew that Tom was having an affair but she didn't make the connection to Myrtle Wilson, the woman she ran over. Tom indirectly caused the murder of Gatsby because he told Wilson who the owner of the car was that had hit Myrtle, but knowing quite well that Gatsby wasn't the one driving. .
             Gatsby was killed because Wilson believed that he was the one that Myrtle was having an affair with. He thought this because of how Myrtle ran out to the car as if she knew who the driver was and because Tom told him that it was Gatsby's car that had hit her. If Myrtle had not been killed or if Gatsby had ended up driving Tom's car again, then Gatsby would not have been shot by Wilson.

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