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Of Mice and Men

             Of Mice and Men was made during the depression. People are looking for jobs everywhere. Dreams helped them turn away from being depressed, which is shown by George, Lennie, Curly's wife, Candy, and Crooks. They all wanted to achieve something that they longed for. There are many things and people that get in the way of achieving their dream.
             Both Lennie and George had a dream. Not many Americans owned land at this time. Lennie and George want to have their own piece of land, with a small house, small farm with rabbits, chickens, and cows. "O.K. Someday "we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs.-(14) George likes this dream because he will have freedom to do anything, and control his own life. Lennie only likes the dream because he will be able to tend his own rabbits, and pet them as much as he wants to. Lennie and George's dream never seemed like it was going to happen. They think that if they will work enough then they will have enough money to buy some land. Once they have their own land they wont have to worry about having a job. George always told Lennie about the dream because it made Lennie happy. All he talks about is tending the rabbits. Lennie tries not to dissapoint George because George will warn him that he won't be able to tend the rabbits. "An' he'll say Now jus' for that you don't get to tend no rabbits!'-(85). He loves things that are soft. So every time that he touches something soft he thinks that he is closer to his dream. That is his major problem. Every time he touches something soft something goes wrong. He doesn't realize his own strength. Their dream ends because of Lennie, he killed Curly's wife on accident because he wanted to feel her hair.
             Candy also wanted a dream, because when he overheard George telling Lennie their dream, he now wants to take part in the dream.

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