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             Slaying of Life without the Right, the Law of Euthanasia .
             In our modern times a heinous and unethical policy is being accepted killing thousands legally through out the world every year. This expanding terror which is plaguing our society disguising itself with more politically correct and publicly agreeable terms such as physician-assisted suicide and abortion, giving doctors room to be comfortable to delve into these medical shortcuts. I am convinced along with Victor Frankl that "suicide is never ethically justified," and that this washing of life diminished Gods" great gift to a mere human choice. Most cases are not only handled through contradictory laws on which our country was built but by "consigned" doctors, proving that our country has had a absolute loss of life's substance.
             The headstone for these policies seems to be euthanasia, or "a search for a good death" (Arguing Euthanasia, 37), the word itself is formed from the Greek words "Eu"(good) and "tha`natos" (death) translating to "the desired end to a life well lived." (Last Rights, 48) However this mercy killing does not refer to "Nazi-like elimination of the sick, old, or unproductive-(Arguing Euthanasia, 37). Resulting in that this "search for death" is not consciously clean enough, this form of death has been separated into two categories, active and passive euthanasia. While both of these acts call to the quality of life they seem to be ending it, in two rather different approaches. .
             Active euthanasia is defined as the deliberate application of death to the patient via the choice of the doctor and consent of the patient. In medical terms it is "the physician who not only makes the means of death available, but is also the person who administers it."(Last Rights, 172). Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum passive euthanasia is separated on its own, solely on what the doctor does not do.

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