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            Over a hundred years book have caught our attention long before television the radio or the Internet. Bram Stoker was one of the first great authors that truly knew how to write a classic novel.
             Through many years almost one hundred and fifty to be almost exact the test of time truly showed that this novel is a classic. Its uses of all the elements to make this novel one of the greats. With its dark, seductiveness its hard not to resist this classic.
             The exotic locales of the setting of this classic give it a flavor to and a sense of intrigue giving the reader a ticket to spark the imagination and really feel what each character is seeing and is feeling at that very moment.
             From the Black sea to the eerie streets of Transylvania Bram Stoker has not let us down with his exotic settings.
             The characters in this novel are each of a very educated back round and all with a different type of personality that has intrigued readers around the world of decades. Jonathan's love for Mina is a strong bond that personally made me love these to characters. Through thick and thin they stayed together until the evil of Dracula was destroyed. Quincy,Van Helsing and Dr Seward each gave the story a finishing touch full of suspense, drama and slight humor. All element I think make a classic a true classic.
             Over all Dracula was by far one of the best novels I have ever read.I would recommend this novel to anyone of any age group. It one of the greatest masterpieces of the20 th century and would be a shame not to read.

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