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Is affirmative action fair?

            It's November and applications are piling up on admissions desks. Although you are satisfied with your four years of high school, your SAT's were pretty good and you are confident with your qualifications, something still plagues you. You wonder about that box you check in, stating what race you are. You get through the first round of worthy applicants, but you then are denied admittance because the politically correct system determines that you are more expendable then that of a minority. Although ideally affirmative action seems quite ethical, there are many reasons why it's unjust.
             This system is outdated. There was a time when minorities were discriminated against more so then they are now and during that time it may have been a good idea to have an affirmative action policy. Before the Civil Rights Movement, Blacks were looked upon as sub-humans. The only right they could call their own was the right to breathe, and at times this was challenged. They couldn't get a dignified job and the opportunity for higher education was a long shot. Hence, this policy in accordance with the time was appropriate. Although Blacks along with other minorities are still subjected to some persecution, the progression through time has been on an incline. Affirmative Action has made it possible for Blacks along with other minorities to be able to establish themselves and show the world what they are capable of.
             Affirmative action was responsible for women being able to get jobs and hold high ranking positions and also breaking the stereotype of women; that they are only meant to cook, clean and reproduce. Nonetheless, the advancement of women in the work force is not an issue in college admissions. Women and men as candidates are looked upon as equals; it seems to be an almost irrelevant factor. Besides, the status of women has grown by leaps and bounds and a policy is futile. .
             The implementation of affirmative action is now based upon assumption or reverse discrimination.

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