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            Many people set challenging goals for themselves. They yearn to climb the highest mountain, touch the sky or taste the fruits if success in their respective professions. To me, the adventure and material wealth mean little. What is more important is to find ways to lead to happiness. Years ago, when I first stepped into puberty, everything seemed awkward. It was indeed a hard stage of life when you appeared to understand more, but still to be considered ignorant to most of the things in life. My mother always taught me that happiness is the key to life. It got me wonder what is happiness and how do I achieve happiness? The answer was never clear until I met this special friend of mine who taught me the true meaning of happiness.
             I got to know Joanne back in secondary school days. She was few years older than me. As a senior back in the Chinese orchestra, she taught me a lot of things in life. She helped me through my days of bewilderment and provided me with loads of brilliant advices. .
             It was a normal school day; I was utterly depressed over things that happened recently. I felt so lonely. Nobody seemed to understand my feelings. It was so hard to find a friend whom I can share my thoughts with. Everyone seemed distant and cold. I didnt know how to make friends. Joanne caught me sobbing after our orchestra practice after school. To my surprise, she gently sat beside me and held my hands tight. .
             "Is there anything that you are not happy about?" she asked. .
             "I am not happy with everything, grades, family and friendships." I remembered myself saying that to her.
             "So, tell me, what is your definition of happiness?" Joanne smiled at me and asked.
             "Being able to laugh from deep within my heart." I answered without thinking.
             "Why cant you do that then?" she questioned. .
             "I am too stressed with everything that goes on in my life. Nobody seems to understand me. I do not have any true friends." I said.
             "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

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