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Visual Movie Review

            I decided to use Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, for my paper. There are a couple of problems with this, like, it was a book that was then made into a movie, and the other is that it is set in England which I don't know that much about, except that they like to drink a lot of tea with their pinky finger pointed out. Aside from those two problems, this is one of my favorite movies, well along with Star Wars, and the Lord of the Rings. I want to look at a lot of things with movie, like the how they portray the muggle world verses the Magical world, how they use lots of camera angles, lighting, and music to help show us what we should be thinking at certain times in the movie, how they help us like and dislike certain characters, and how hard it was to make a movie out of a book that is so anticipated. .
             Having two different worlds in a movie is hard show, especially when one is completely make believe. The editor of this movie did a remarkable job with distinguishing the muggle world from the magical one. At the beginning of the movie, we start out in the muggle world, and we see a lot of plain colors like dull blue, brown, white, and etcetera. It also seems like the director uses a flat lighting her, to give the appearance that this world is not real. .
             Then look at the characters from this world, with names like Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley. These names are very plain, but they also describe the characters somewhat. Like Uncle Vernon, makes you think of vermin, and he does kind of look like a fat rat. Aunt Petunia, is opposite of a flower, like how she pushes her lips together all the time, it makes her look like she has something sour in her mouth all the time. Then when she crosses her arms, she just looks pissed off at the world. Las of course is Dudley, how is a fat, bully of a kid, and in fact is very dull. He just looks like another kid, and his personality is that of a spoiled, fat, ass hole.

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