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            There's no realistic alternative to globalization.
             Globalization is an issue that causes fears to everyone around the world, it is seen as a deadly threat to jobs and communities. With the signing of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) there are 3 countries that have the greatest threat of all. China, India and Mexico, With China becoming the world's biggest factory and India competing for high-skill service-sectors jobs in computer software and systems, call centers, clinical testing for pharmaceuticals, stock market analysis and accounting services. There is no doubt that we Canadians are a bit behind. .
             The rest of the countries are going through changes and this is the time when we need to step up by globalization, because we are losing jobs and businesses to lower-cost countries. Since growth in countries such as Mexico, China and India are creating opportunity for themselves; we should take this challenge and capitalize this opportunity to favor higher-value activities that will help Canada generate more and better-paying jobs. What we need to do is to start with education, developing or building a new public education system, ensuing relevant community colleges and make universities stronger or tougher. It is a huge challenge for Canada to participate in a dramatically changing world. Therefore we must succeed and cannot fail.
             In my opinion, I think we should expand our globalization by increasing our population, this way we can generate more jobs and easily get more immigrants this way. Jobs come from business if we have more business we can attract more people to come to this lovely country of ours. That way we can lower our cost to other countries so we can be up there with Mexico, China and India. Business comes from globalization it is an important asset to countries. To be the best you got to beat the best. This is how the game plays so stick with it.

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