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The Role of Athletics in College

            If your son or daughter is actually serious about getting a quality college education.
             and, let's face it, that's a big if these days, he or she should probably think twice before.
             applying to a major university. Particularly if that university has a high-profile athletic .
             program.(The Capital Times by Rob Zaleski). The role that sports play in college can.
             be on the top of the list of what matters the most to a university. Athletics in college .
             can mean much to a university, seeing how well that sports team performs, which .
             can mean higher standings, the better they are and a chance to win a national title may .
             bring an ample amount of money to the university.
             College atheltics compared to the ungraduates is no where near even these days. .
             It's hardly a secret, for instance, that most major universities today are primarily interested.
             in two things: research and winning sports teams and, of course, the prestige that goes.
             with each of these (The Capital Times by Rob Zaleski). There are many reasons why .
             college sports remains in serious disarray. .
             Is the NCAA in control? Not by a long shot. In the last decade, the almighty dollar has .
             reigned even more supreme, as bowl games have been manipulated, conferences have.
             been realigned, and coaches' salaries have escalated. At the same time, officials at the.
             athletic conferences are not interested in having the NCAA invade their increasingly .
             lucrative turf. The seemingly endless stories in college athletics of rule breaking,.
             violence, drugs, and outright corruption, as well as the excessive expenditures .
             for teams, facilities, and coaches.(The Capital Times by Rob Zaleski). Big .
             sports Division I athletes typically receive up to four years of tuition, room, and.
             board. Many universities allow athletes (especially in football and basketball).
             to spend those four years on campus while barely cracking a book. In these sports, .
             universities keep the considerable revenue that the athlete's talents have generated, while.

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