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The Developing of A Nation

             Washington's Farewell Address marked the beginning of a new century, as well as a new identity to America. People began pulling themselves away from European ideals, and developing and conquering the challenges of the new political system.
             Jeffersonian Democracy, in a sense, changed the image of the United States. The rise of Jeffersonian Democracy showed the world that you didn't have to be born or marry into a wealthy family. You could be successful in the U.S. whether you start out wealthy or not, and Jefferson's rise of the common man really pointed that out. When Jefferson went to his inauguration, he walked through the streets from his apartment, just like any other common person would. Another turning point for the U.S was Washington's Farewell Address. The man who could have been king ended his term after eight years, leaving with his farewell address. The Farewell Address warned the U.S. to abolish political parties, treat all nations with justice, but avoid alliances, and to not allow one branch of government to become to strong. Nowadays, the warnings that Washington gave were not really followed. A third document that was written by John Quincy Adams on the U.S. foreign policies was very straight forward. He stated that while another country was at war, the U.S. would pray for them, but not go "Searching for monsters to destroy," which means rushing into to help a nation, where the war has nothing to do with the U.S. and will only cause harm. This speech sent the message out to other countries and showed them that the U.S. did not want to indulge themselves in their problems, and let the countries know they shouldn't even bother asking the U.S. for their help if it had nothing to do with them. .
             The Louisiana Purchase, was purchased by Thomas Jefferson, the purchase doubled the size of the new nation, and interested many people to see what was out westward. The Louisiana Purchase wasn't the only add-on to the nation that interested the people; The Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 gave Florida to the U.

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