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Informative essay on traviling to Europe

             Traveling to Europe can be fun and exciting. With its many cultures and background, the traveler will find countries rich in history, architecture, art, and intellectual minds of the past. The European past has a lot to offer for the traveler, but the present is very much alive. According to Darwin Porter one of the authors for Fromms 2000 guide to Europe, "The Continent is still in a dynamic, creative mood artistic and culture ferment are still very much part of the present." With so many options for the traveler to get to Europe, and with the introduction of the Euro, traveling to Europe has become less stressful. If one is planning to travel to any part of Europe, that person should do as much research on the country as possible. Local libraries and book stores offer a wide variety of books for the European traveler. In these books, the tourist can find information on the monetary system, public transportation, and any etiquette issues. Over ten million Americans travel to Europe each year, if they took the time to do a little research in the beginning, then the knowledge will insure a great vacation with few surprises. .
             Before starting a trip to Europe a little planning should be done. The Internet is a great place to start gathering information on the countries the traveler would like to visit and neighboring countries. One can contact the "28 Nation European Travel Planner" for free brochures on traveling to Europe and planning guides. A large bookstore will have books specializing in maps and travel guides. Travel agents are going to be the most helpful for the first time traveler. They can save time and money by finding the best rates on airfare and hotels. If one decides to use a travel agent, it's best to look at as many as possible. Nicole Willams, an author for Lonely Planet, says "unscrupulous agents will offer you only the travel options that bag them the juiciest commission.

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