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Z28 vs GT

             For the past thirty-five years, there have been two cars that have remained the leaders in American performance: the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang. Ford and Chevrolet every year unveil their sports cars with hopes of out-doing each other. There has been an ongoing debate among car fans over which car is actually better. Car and Driver magazine evaluated both these cars as well as many others in a handful of categories. They took the Z28 model of the Camaro and the GT model of the Mustang. As you will see, the Camaro far outperforms its Ford rival. .
             We"ll start out by comparing the prices of these two modern day muscle cars. You certainly are not going to buy a car if you"re unable to afford it. The Z28 Camaro sells for $29,750 as tested by Car and Driver. The Mustang that was test-driven was slightly cheaper. It was valued at $29,355 with the options included for the testing. These prices are extremely similar. Although the Mustang does technically have the advantage, this category can pretty much be considered even. Both cars are priced reasonably at just under $30,000. .
             Probably the next most important topic of comparison is power. If anyone is buying either one of these cars, they"re buying it because it's fast. Car and Driver measured acceleration in two different instances. The first was the zero to sixty miles per hour time. The car would begin full acceleration from a standing start, and the clock would stop after the car reaches 60 miles per hour. The Chevrolet hit 60 in a blistering 5.2 seconds. A car is usually considered exceptionally fast if its 0-60 time is less than six seconds. The Mustang lagged behind a bit in the acceleration department. The GT ran a six seconds flat zero to sixty. This is not a bad time at all and would put most average cars to shame. However, the Z28 was almost an entire second faster. That is an incredible difference when you consider that the Camaro is 15% faster to sixty miles per hour.

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