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History of Nissan Skyline

            If you ask any import enthusiast what they"re favorite car is, your most likely to hear the Nissan Skyline. This car is known around the world for it's enormous amounts of horsepower and racing heritage. Most people however only know the three current models of the Skyline which date from 1989 until 2003. However, the Skyline has been around for about 50 years and has dominated the racetracks around the world. Using sophisticated technology, the Skyline has become one of the most functional cars ever produced. Over the years, Skyline engineers have been coming up with new, innovative ways to make the Skyline even better. Nissan has without a doubt set a standard in the automotive industry on how How has new technology changed the way modern day cars are tuned?.
             It all started out in 1952, when the Tama Electric Car Company established a small division known as the Prince Motor Company. The division was named in honor of the Japanese Crown prince at the time, Michinomiya Hirohita. The very first Skyline was marketed under the name Nissan Skyline ALSI-1. In 1954, the Prince Motor Company joined forces with Fuji Precision Industries which were the engine producers for the Prince Motor Company, which then merged with Nissan in 1966. At the time, the Japanese economy was not doing well. Initially people thought of this merger as an attempt to stabilize the industrial marketing economy, and to prevent foreigners from taking over. Consequently there are a few Datsun Skylines prowling the streets of Japan to this day. .
             Over the years, there have been many different types of Skylines that have been produced. All of them have improved in one way or another. Beginning with the very first Skyline which was introduced in 1955, the ALSI-1 Skyline was available in four door and station wagon configurations. The engine was the GA30 which produced 60 horsepower. However in 1958, and upgraded form was introduced which increased power output to 70 horsepower.

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