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My First Car

             It was the summer of my sophomore year in high school. I was fifteen years old and anticipating my sixteenth birthday. I only had one thing on my mind, a car. My father and I had discusses getting a car and the responsibilities of owning one. He said we would start shopping for one soon, and we did.
             We went to every car dealership in middle Tennessee for every weekend for about three weeks. I could not find one that suited me. I knew I wanted a truck one with four-wheel drive and big tires. We thought it was the most practical vehicle since I do a lot of outdoors activities such as hunting and fishing, which involves going off road quite often. Finally we came across a mid size pickup that I feel in love with. It was a Nissan pickup with four-wheel drive. It was gray with a green splash stripe down the side. It was a five speed but my dad said he would teach me how to drive it. The inside was clean and still had the new car smell even though it was used. It had a CD player with custom speakers too. The truck had low miles, so it would last me a while. It was a little more than what we wanted to spend, but we knew it was a good dependable truck so my dad got it anyways. It was still fifteen so I couldn"t drive it myself yet. But it was ok because my dad went driving with me often. It was still two months until my birthday so I was still bumming rides from my friends.
             That's a really sick feeling knowing that you have a vehicle sitting in your driveway but cant drive it. So for two months I waited, washing and waxing it almost everyday. I kept it spotless. After all what else was I going to do with it? As my birthday approached I started getting nervous about y driving test. So I practiced. I practiced parking and all the fundamentals of driving. On the morning of my birthday I took my driving test. I was so glad that I finally go to drive by myself. My dad gave me one last lecture on the responsibilities of driving and I was on my way in my new truck.

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