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Great Depression

            By the year of 1929, the Great Depression had brought the American economy to .
             Thousands lose their jobs and practically everyone were starving in the cities. .
             The banks were bankrupted because of the millions of frantic people who cashed in their .
             accounts, believing that their money will be lost to the horrifying grip of the Great .
             Depression. Amid the mass of hopelessness and sufferings, President F. Roosevelt's .
             inauguration of 1933 seemed to be the only light at the end of the tunnel. During his .
             acceptance speech of presidential candidacy, his words brought hope to the American .
             people;" I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people. Give me .
             your help, not to win votes alone, but to win in this crusade to restore America to its own .
             people." The next day, almost everyone were talking excitedly about Roosevelt's New .
             Deal. Following his inauguration, President F. Roosevelt inactivated his New Deal, .
             starting by his declaration of 'The Bank Holiday,' By the following months, many of his .
             plans were put in to progress and one of them was the famous Civilian Conservation .
             Corps(CCC), previously known as the Emergency Conservation Work (ECW).
             According to sources, by 1934, approximately 1/3 of all sixteen to twenty-four .
             years olds in America's labor pool were unemployed. Most of them quit school in order to .
             support their families. They drifted across country, looking for employment. The entire .
             generation were lost to the Great Depression, many were un-skilled, uneducated and most .
             of all, desperate. President Roosevelt's new deal program, the ECW was one of his .
             attempts to help recoveries for the jobless youths. The ECW employed young men .
             between the age of 16-24 to work in National Parks and wilderness. This program .
             satisfied President Roosevelt's desire for reforestation and at the same time it gave jobs to .
             American youths. In 1937, because of its popularity, congress extended its period of .

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