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School Ties

             Today in society, many ethical issues are overlooked because of the complexities or the hurt approaching these issues may occur. The film "School Ties" boldly dares to approach topics that have been previously tiptoed around by other films, topics such as prejudice views, stereotypes, religious hatred, anti-Semitic, bullying and honesty and integrity. This report intends to address these topics and show how this film approached them for the viewer.
             Set in the 1950's in the USA School Ties follows the story of a young Jewish man. David Greene is a Jew from a small town; he is an exceptional gridiron player and is given a once in a lifetime chance to attend the prestigious school of St. Mathews on a gridiron scholarship. St. Mathews is only for a selected few of society, known as the higher class; they are all exactly the same 17-year-old Caucasian Christians. The approach of the ethical issues begins here. David decides to hide his religious beliefs from his classmates to simply be accepted in his new surroundings. The boys at the school have very strong bonds of loyalty to one another and have shared the school experiences for 4 years as boarders. David being a new student and not sharing these similar traditions neglects to expose his background. When he is found out for his true beliefs his entire school world changes, his friends, his new girlfriend all turn their back on him merely for him being part of a different religion. David is immediately typecast and stereotyped and becomes the butt of all his ex-companions hatred and jokes. In society, merely the scum of the earth can only make this behaviour, to judge someone by his or her beliefs is simply wrong and should not be tolerated at all. All those who accepted him in the first place shun David in a horrible manner, the person hasn't changed one bit yet they seem to think because he is seen as slightly different they now posses the right to belittle him.

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