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The New Deal

            During the 1930's the New Deal was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's program to help the United States pull out of the great depression. While the New Deal did not end the depression, it did relieve a lot of economic hardship as well as restored faith in the democratic system, which was very important at a time when many countries affected by the Depression turned to dictatorship. .
             Roosevelt first used the term New Deal while accepting the democratic presidential nomination in 1932, however, the American people had to wait until he was sworn in as president, on March 4th, 1933, to learn what the New deal was going to do to help the United States. .
             When Roosevelt took office, the country was a mess, business was at a standstill, and panic was felt by most of the country. The early 30's saw the depression worsen, banks, small businesses, and factories closed. Workers and Farmers were unable to pay mortgage payments and lost their homes and farms. It was estimated that 1 out of 4 workers had no jobs. .
             The day after Roosevelt was inaugurated he called congress into a special session, from March 9th - June 16th, which later was termed "The Hundred Days." During this session, congress passed numerous laws aimed at providing relief for victims of the Depression, speeding economic recovery, and reforming financial, business, agricultural, and industrial practices. Congress had never before passed so many laws in such a short time, all with little or no opposition. All of the programs were not Roosevelt's idea, they came from many sources such as congressional leaders, a group of unofficial presidential advisers known as the "Brain Trust", and of course from Roosevelt himself. Some of the programs and ideas conflicted with each other, but Roosevelt experimented with them by trying ideas from one group and then ideas from another. .
             There were many programs associated with the New Deal, all of which were aimed at helping the United States and its citizens.

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