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Safe sex talk

             Today I"m going to talk to you about safe sex, and the risks of not practicing safe sex.
             At the basic level safe sex can be defined as those sexual activities that do not allow blood, or body fluids, like seamen or vaginal secretions to pass from one person to another.
             Does anyone know what an STI is?.
             I know most of you are probably thinking STD, well it's similar. It stands for sexually transmitted infection. This is a bacterial infection, which is not as harmful as an STD, although it is discomforting, with such symptoms as itching, burning when urinating, and smelly discharges from the genitals. In 1996 Qld had on average the highest rate of the STIs: syphilis, Chlamydia, hep c, g_________, with 7480 diagnoses of these particular STIs.
             Everyone's heard of STDs, so what does it mean to you??.
             Ok, Aids is believed to be a result of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). People who test positive for HIV may have fever-flu like symptoms, or they could have to symptoms at all. It is these people who don't look sick, and may pass the virus on unintentionally. People who have been infected with HIV may remain symptom free for years, but HIV will eventually result with the body being less able to fight infection, as the virus weakens the immune system. A person who has had the virus for a long time may develop AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). AIDS was first recognised in 1981, it is a name used to describe a lot of different diseases acquired when the body's natural defences are destroyed from HIV.
             The best way to prevent catching an STI or STD is to avoid any contact with infected bodily fluids. Studies show that HIV may be absorbed directly by cell in the mucus membrane. (SHOW SLIDE).
             This slide shows which activities contain the highest risk of contracting HIV to the lowest, as you can see unprotected sex has the highest risk.
             Practicing safe sex can prevent all of these STIs and STDs.

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