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The Great Gatsby

             Group Pressure on the Individual: An individual has many pressures put on him/her from society. Young people young people are pressured from school to do good and work to start making your own living. You are mostly pressured by your peers and your authorities. Everyday many teens fall into peer pressures. Peer pressures make you do things that you don't really want to do. I think young adults are pressures mostly by their authorities. Either their parents, teachers, or their boss. We are expected to act like adults but yet we don't get the full advantages of being an adult.
             * The Effects of Wealth: Either way whether you are born into wealth or you hit the lotto and become and over-night millionaire, rich people usually act like they are so much better than the "Average Joe". If you are born into wealth you tend to be a little bit more snobby than the over-night millionaire. If you hit the lotto and you are a really down to earth person you probably wont get all snobby and think you are better than everyone else just because you have more money than they do. .
             *The Pursuit of Goals: One of my highly valued goals is to become close with God. I value that because I am living my life for him so I try to be as close with ihm as possible. Everyone else who's goals are to be wealthy or powerful, I think that is a short-term goal because you are only here on earth for a very short time. It is also selfish because that means that you are going to live your life for yourself and not really care about giving back to the people that have helped you out the whole way. .
             Individuals and Their Environment: .
             Nick: I think he seems to be a good guy that does most things right. Cares about his cousin.
             Tom: I think he is a rich stuck-up snob!.
             Daisy: I think she is a very torn women. I don't think she knows just exactly what it is she wants in life.
             Jordan: I think she isn't the greatest person because she is a compulsive liar.

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