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            "CHICAGO?I had never seen a musical film before. So when my friend wanted to see this movie with me, I was not interested in musical movie. But I realized how to appreciate a musical. .
             The director of movie is Rob Marshall, the screenwriter is Bill Condon, and the producer is Martin Richards. The movie's main characters are Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ren? Zellweger, Richard Gere, John C. Reilly, Mya, and Queen Latifah. They make a story in the movie, and they are really amazing actors, who display charisma in each character. I really like this musical style, because it is fun and exciting until the end. .
             The movie's setting is Chicago?20s. The Movie is about a chorus girl Roxie Hart. She dreams everyday about become a dancer, so she spends her time to dance most of her life in Chicago. One day she really wants to flee her husband, so she killed her husband, and arrests in jail. When she went to jail, she met a girl Velma Kelly. She already arrested because she killed her husband and sister. Also she meets a man whose name is Fred. She killed him too, because he doesn't want to business with her. So she shared business with Velma. The warden gave an opportunity to Roxie, which is representation by Chicago lawyer. Because of representation she finally becomes a star. So she got fame but she forgot about Velma. Velma wants to do an act with Roxie, so she offers to Roxie, but Roxie refuses her offer. Velma offers one more time to Roxie she accepted her offer. Finally they dance together on the stage. .
             After I saw this musical movie, my thought changed in a good way about musicals. I saw this movie twice, once with my friend and the second time with my sister. This movie is very well acted because of main characters. Their singing was very amazing and awesome, because musical singing is different from general singing. The most different thing is breathing. When people sing in musicals, they have to sing for a long time, so breathing is very important.

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