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            World War II resulted in more deaths, cost more money, damaged more property, effected more people, and globally had the most effects of any war in history. The three main causes of the war were the problems left unsolved by World War I, the rise of dictators in Europe, and the desire of Italy, Germany, and Japan for territory. The policy of isolationism was broken in the United States when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, dragging America into the war. The war was fought on two fronts, Europe and the Pacific. The allies, which included the United States, England, France, and Russia were successful in defeating the axis powers which included Italy, Germany, and Japan. World War II played a major role in United States' history. From an economic view, it brought the.
             United States out of the depression of the 1930's. The government made industries for war production to produce strategic war materials. .
             Socially, the war played a major part in changing the role of women in America. As men went off to fight, the women took on many of the roles previously filled by men in the war plants. The major impact of the war, however, resulted from the United States decision to utilize the atomic bomb. The two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 were the major factors contributing to Japan's surrender. The bomb represented a huge scientific advance in modern warfare. It opened up the possibility for vast destruction of human life. The United States decision to use the bomb turned into a postwar race to produce nuclear weapons in many countries, especially the Soviet Union. .
             The significance of World War II in United States history cannot be overstated. World War II had a greater economic impact on the United States than any other war of the twentieth century. Despite Roosevelt's efforts to end the depression with the New Deal policies, it was not until World War II that the United States emerged from its long economic depression.

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