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The Purpose of The Church

             "The Church With A Purpose".
             When we receive True Salvation not only were we called but you've been chosen set apart and sanctified. We've been washed, cleansed and the Holy Spirit with power abides in us, not our power but God's power.
             Acts 3:12.
             When are in constant fellowship with Jesus our times of communing, praying, hearing God's voice, being obedient and obeying his commandments. Jesus then equips and empowers us through the Spiritual realm to become victorious in the natural and for eternity. Simply because God is guarding his purpose that has been intertwined on the inside of us.
             What I am saying is that we have been brought with a price and now that I no longer belong to Satan or the things of this world, I belong to Jesus Christ and his Kingdom. I am now God's investment, he invested in me because I was purchased with his blood. So God guards his people by equipping us to carry out his purpose, and for the Spiritual Warfare that is always raging. Why? Because we carry the purpose. The seed that grows and reproduces after it's maker, Jesus Christ.
             Satan rages a vicious war against us, his plan is to oppose the divine will and purpose of God.
             Satan understands timing he is a strategist, he understands what it means to have unity in order to cause division. Satan understands the importance of getting saints to never understand the purpose of Jesus Christ's coming and most of all he has been successful in blinding the Saints of their true identity, as well the Authority that Christ has given to all his true believers.
             God is the Lord of Time, he has the fullness of Time, the appointed time.
             The enemy wants us to believe that we will always have time, we will always have tomorrow.
             You see to utilize the Gifts and the power that God has given to equip us and to protect our purpose we must understand three important things.
             1. We need to know our purpose and the purpose of the Church.

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