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Ways of Making Friends

             In the past, I have no enough friends as 'A friend in need is a friend indeed'. I may be wrong, but in my humble opinion, 'Two heads are better than one', I think that the two people are thinking and working more than the one. There are many ways of making friends. Ways of making friends are neither easy nor hard. There is very important that there is no need to keep secrets among friends.
             'You cannot have your cake and eat it'. So it shows everybody has corresponding ability. In the foundation of making friends, we should have open-minded. Therefore, when you solve the problem in another way although your way and your friend's way are not the same. Communication is very useful in the world especially for making friends. If you are good for your friend, your friend is not bad for you. If you wish to succeed, you should not be shy and afraid to participate with your friends in everything. Nevertheless, you can lose the opportunity. When your friend drops a brick to you, you can understand of your friend and you may be thinking positive for your friend. Therefore, you can make your friends in donkey's years. Whenever one of your friends is in a jam, you should be ready to help. If your friend does not get the main point of the passage which are explained by the teacher, you should expound to your friend in the spare time. And we confer in spare time is ideal. In any ceremonry, you should not be absent to go. If your face is always smile and you have the ideas which are always thinking positive upon your friend, you can make a lot of friends.
             In summary, there are many ways of making friends. Mainly, you should have open-minded. And you should accept the ways to solve in problem. And you should not be self-fished. According the ways of making friends, you can have a lot of friends. As you can be the best friend for your friend and your friend can be best friend for you. Also the friendship between your friends and you can be stable forever.

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