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            When I was in junior high, I often used to go to the beautiful seas around Okinawa with my family and friends because I love to gather shells and go fishing. But when I entered high school, I no longer had much time, so I didn't go so often. A year passed, and I was very disappointed at what I saw when I went to Itoman to smell the fresh sea air. What I saw was not beautiful shells but cans, waste and dirty tissues. I told myself, "Who did such a bad thing?" At that time I had a plastic bag, so I gathered the garbage. When I came home, I told my friends and family. I asked them to help me gather some of the refuse. They did so and I became a little happier, but I think many will continue to throw litter not only in the sea but also on the streets. People don't know the effect of failing to keep their surroundings clean. People and living creatures will die because of pollution in the air and water. I have heard fish die because of water pollution, and even people when they eat polluted fish. This will continue to happen if we use the seas for waste. We must keep our community clean, volunteer to clean the streets, avoid dropping garbage in the rivers, and not wash oily pans if possible. We should wipe them clean with tissues first because cooking oil is also cause of water pollution. We have to remind and teach those people who don't know the effects of pollution. We must try to help each other in order to make Okinawa one of the most beautiful places to live in. I love Okinawa and I will always make efforts to keep it clean. I believe in the proverb that says, "In unity there is strength." If we give a helping hand, I think this problem will be solved. And last but not least, I would like to say that it's not too late to make our country clean. .

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