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True Story

            Returning to the house brought back a flood of memories. Even just the sight of it caused Lindato cry, by the time we reached the cement stoop her sobbing had become uncontrolable. Everyopne looked at her trying to find something to say, but we were at a loss for words. Mark puts his arms around her not really knowing what else to do. Jake only looks on at it all. .
             For a brief second he sees the Sam's fate in Mark's eyes as he holds Linda. Sam's death has been difficult but has alsobrought Jake to realize what he really wants in his life. He's not a salesman and neither is Mark, but Mark is just like is father and Jake fears that nothing can be done to change him .
             We enter the house and take a seat in the living room, for a while we just stare amazed at how empty everthing would feel now that Sam was gone. Thankfully Linda had once again gained control over herself. No one dares to say a word. We just sit by themselves accompanied by our own thoughts.
             Jake's mind is racing now, with thoughts of how his life will not end like Sam's. Jake has no master plan for his life he just wants it to begin . "Construction" says Jake allowed.
             Everyone looks at him. "What about construction?" Mark asks.
             Tomorrow, I'm going to look for a job in construction is Jake respods. I'll start at the bottom and I'll gradually raise my position. Someday maybe architecture or engineering. By god I'm gonna do something with my life weather you approve of it or not approval or not.
             Chelsey looks at Jake and says, " I don't know if this is the right time for this. I mean it sounds like a good idea but I honestly don't we should talk about this. Not now".
             "I'm sorry Chelsey you're right. But, I'm going to go to bed now. I'll see you tomorrow," he said before he left .
             Jake woke up early that morning and no one else was up. Chelsey had gone home the night before, and the rest of ue were either sleeping or thinking about how we would go on without Sam.

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