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How I Write

             The process of writing seems very simple on the outside. Get a topic, research the topic, compile the research into MLA format, and then hand that compilation to an instructor for validation. The tricky part is being able to go about doing this so that when you do hand in your work, it is the best that you are able to produce, so that when the validation (or grade) comes, it is not a surprise. When I was asked to complete an assignment on how I write, I immediately thought of the two other times I have been asked to produce similar works, in junior high school and when I first started college. The more I thought about those papers, the more I realized that certain fundamentals have remained, such as my inherited procrastination, over-analysis of very simple topics. I have come to realize that the way I write my papers is a true reflection of me and my personality, and any changes in writing style reflect my growth and maturity as a person. This conclusion was brought about by a discussion with a classmate, Natalie James.
             My process starts off from the time that I am handed an assignment. Almost immediately, I can think of what I want to do, and what I am going to accomplish in my paper. Everything is done in my head, and will remain there for a very long time before it is acted upon. Days and/or weeks will pass before I go to the library and photocopy from sources: I may even check out some books, so I feel like I am accomplishing something. Do I actually do anything with this information? - No. It will sit there, collecting dust until I am under the gun to write. Like Natalie, It is not that I do not have the ability to write, it is the fact that I do not like to write that forces me to wait until the last minute, stress myself out, and then push myself to prove that I can produce what is in my head.
             The weekend (or night) before comes. I have all of my research done.

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