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            One of the most vital qualities is the human specie is the thirst for knowledge and perfection and the capability the adaptation and survival. Some societies have disadvantages on the surface regarding wealth and economical growth but if we look at the interactions of these lest fortunate cultures, we observe amazing structures of human relations, a love and need to make others successful and equally wealthy.
             The nation of Bangladesh suffers from an economical weakness as well as a gender conflict as seen in the short film "Community". Men hold the responsibility of providing the very little money to keep their families alive, as taught in the Koran. But religion, if misunderstood, can lead to an inequality of freedom and rights. In Bangladesh, women were and still remain the inferior gender, the ones who have no choice or voice in the community. They are treated inhumanly by their husbands and see no resolution in this man made system. .
             But some women rose to the opportunity with a determined mind and a desperate will. The Utturan was born in Shakira, Bangladesh in 1976. The group was labeled as a social and communal program to help achieve success in others, overcome the separation of wealth and gender and to liberate women. The men were opposed to such program since it took away a part of their ability to control their women contrary to what they were taught by their religion. The transition was a harsh change but soon Habibur and Bahanur came together at the light of the success the Utturan accomplished. Women became empowered. Loans were disbursed and ownership of business was handed to women. Widows who were stigmatized and treated as an insignificant part of society now became proud owners of businesses. Rice farms and fishing ventures were founded and the men realized that the union of both genders results in the bettering of the whole. Families united and became wealthier, capable of sending both girls and boys to school so they can further their education and become an accomplished person.

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