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Battle Of the Sexes

             Today's society is pretty messed up if you ask me. I see guys that make a lot of money get any girl they want even though they are mean pigs that don't know how to treat themselves let along another human being. I know I myself have been turned down many times just because the next guy had a better car or lived in a better neighborhood. I can't even remember the many times I had to shell out a lot of dollars just to be able to take out a girl that looked ver good. But that's where even I fall into the trap that society has gotten many people. Why is it that even I have gone for the girl just because she has a nice body and beautiful smile? At a young age I believe we are all taught by our parents and relatives to chase after the better looking girl or more handsome boy. That is why I do believe that all people do these days is go by the status of a person rather than what they are truly all about. Just like it was shown in the video when the American guy would go all the way to Russia to find the best looking girl to get as a wife. People are basically doing the same thing everytime they go out to a bar or nightclub. We go out to try to find the best looking person in the place and we tell them all about us hoping that where we work and live will attract them to us. I see my friends try this routine all the time. They will go up to a girl and tell them all about the job they have and how they drive a nice car and if the girl is dumb enough, and usually they are they will go out with them without ever hearing about anything they like or even knowing their favorite color. These daisy's people just want to be secure and well taken care of financially rather than mentally. Who cares if a guy is a social parasite that has no kind of personality at all as long as he has the good job and corvette don't think that society should be this way but I believe it is too late to change it. I will always look for the more attractive looking girl and women will always be looking for the guy that can take care of them financially.

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