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The College Shakedown

             On average it takes, a high school senior, over three months to research, visit, apply, and generally get to know a college to be able to make a good decision on if he or she would like to attend that college. So, how can that process become shorter and less complex? A few simple steps, that's how. It may not be a less time-consuming way to choose a college, but it going through steps such as picking the types of schools that appeal to you, getting to know the schools, receiving guidance from peers, and taking a tour will make, choosing a college, a learning experience instead of a prolonged ordeal.
             So, the first step in choosing the college that is right for you is picking a few colleges that appeal to you. Now, most people have to deal with being economically limited in the selection of their college so pick colleges that appeal to your personality and your interests first, and your ideas for a major second. Make these schools into a list that you will consider your "potential" schools. You should be able to look at each school on your list and be able to say I would like to go there. This will pay off in the end because a study done earlier this year has shown that 1 in 10 college freshmen are attending a college that was their third choice. So, by only picking schools that you want to go to now, you eliminate the problem of going to your "third choice" because every school you apply to is your number one choice.
             Most students applying for college think that they need to attend the one that is the best educationally. But that is not always the case, a student should choose a college based on similarities and being convenient to the student. That is why a student needs to get to know the university before deciding if it is in or out. To do this, you could read a profile on the school and its activities. A recent study has shown that more than 75% of students who choose a college based on their major say that, in doing so, they had taken away part of the college experience that they believe they would have had if they had chosen a college based upon things other than which major they had decided to pursue.

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