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            In the novel, "Charly" the story is about a boy named Sam that has recently come home from serving a LDS mission. He is attending BYU and majoring in computers. One day his dad asks him to take his new bosses" daughter, Charly, out on a date. His boss's family had just moved to Utah from New York. They weren't LDS and had no desire to be. Sam agreed to take her out, but only on one date. Their date didn't go so well at the beginning, but towards the end they began to have more fun with one another.
             Sam and Charly continued to date for a couple more weeks. Their dates either consisted of going fishing, or listening to the missionary discussions. At first Charly didn't believe or want to hear any of it. After she read the Book Of Mormon her thoughts had changed. She now believed it and had a testimony of it. She wanted to be baptized. She got baptized not to long after.
             Charly and Sam fell in love. They got married in the temple and then after many moves from apartment to apartment they finally found the house they wanted. Charly soon became pregnant and had a baby boy that hey named Adam. When Adam was almost a year old Charly got cancer. It had spread through her body so quickly that there was nothing they could do about it. She died only months later. After the funeral Sam and Adam moved in with Sam's parents to start their new life.
             The character I chose is Charly. She is the main character in this novel. Her real name is Charlene. She was raised in New York. She was going to college at Columbia University and she was majoring in Philosophy. Charly is very outgoing person. Throughout the story she learns to be not so independent and more willing to let others help her. She's a very kind and caring person. She was extremely spontaneous and always wanting to try new things.

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